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Form Rental Instructions



All form rentals are paid in full on delivery of the forms. You must provide proof of insurance while the rented equipment is in your possession and or on your property and or job site.


Please arrange for someone to be on site during delivery AND pick up of Forms (Suggest 2 men). You will be Charged $150 per hour, after the first hour, for unloading and for loading forms during Delivery & Pick up.


Make sure you count, check and receive items as listed on the Rental Agreement Form, sign the form and ask for your copy. You will be charged for missing items on pick up.

AFTER USE... The forms come to you, oiled and ready for use.

Forms must be scraped clean and oiled before being stacked as follows: Bottom/1st form should be wood face down with no more than 14 more panels/fillers high, stacked wood face up in perfect cubes with all corners and sides flush with one another.


For pickup, all forms and accessories must be stacked or placed within 20' of a road accessible by the pick up vehicle and trailer. Again, you will be charged $150 per hour for the driver to load or wait on forms not accessible by the pickup vehicle. An additional $25 per hour charge will apply if the driver must physically place the forms within reach of the pickup vehicle.


Provided there are no additional charges to your rental amount, and the forms are returned cleaned, oiled and undamaged, your Deposit will be returned within 10 days after all rental items are returned, inventoried and inspected. 


Please call ahead of delivery if you have any questions regarding the above instructions.


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